Brand Orthodoxy

We believe that brands done well are one of the most powerful forces out there. A brand isn’t a just a logo or a tagline. It’s the accumulation of all of the thoughts, feelings and associations with a community. It should provide a crystallization of a community’s vision of itself and its future. It should be a source of community pride, and a point of differentiation; positioning the place as a community that is unique and attractive to residents and business.  

Researching and planning to identify vision and goals sets the foundation.  Brand strategy, logos, taglines and tightly-aligned communication approaches and tactics capture this vision in simple, impactful art and words and align the brand to reflect the ambitions of the community.

But it’s something bigger than all of the parts.

Building a strong brand is an important undertaking that provides the guiding inspiration for how people identify with their community and define themselves as a part of it. The strongest brands are informed by their constituents and audience, are clearly defined, stand for something that differentiates it from other choices, and can stand the test of time, allowing it to grow and evolve as the community does.